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What A Tree Service Can Do For You

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Tree service companies are useful to homeowners in several ways. Some of what they do could be done by the individual homeowner, but other duties require trained specialists. For example, tree service technicians are often trained to climb high into trees using climbing equipment, where they may need to remove a dead branch or make other adjustments from a high vantage point. Here are three benefits afforded by tree specialists.  Pest and Disease Control  A tree service technician should know a lot about the health and well-being of many different types of trees. Therefore, they can alert you of any pest problems or tree diseases at work. The specialist will identify the pest and know how to best control it or get rid of it. An example is termite infestation. If the infestation is centered on one tree, that tree can be removed. It will probably be in bad shape, anyway, if there is enough dying wood to attract the termites. An example of a tree disease is anthracnose, a disease caused by a fungus that affects trees in the eastern United States. A common symptom is the development of dark spots or splotches on leaves. It may be possible to control the disease with chemicals, but your tree service specialist will know what is best.  Pruning  Pruning or tree trimming is one of the duties that a tree service technician can do for you. If there are ornamental trees in your yard such as flowering trees, willow oaks, or maples, they may need to be shaped or thinned. Keeping the tree in its proper shape depends a little on the type of tree, but generally leaves the bottom half to third of the tree without branches. There may be only one main stalk for trees such as willow oaks, or two or three main stalks for thinner flowering trees such as crepe myrtle. If the branches in the top half of the tree are too crowded or if they stick out of the uniform shape, they can be removed or cut back to a lower branch joint. Rejuvenation pruning may or may not be part of a tree service technician’s work, so ask the company if you are interested.  Tree and Branch Removal  Dead trees, especially large ones, often bother homeowners, and they can be removed by tree service specialists. They will often get rid of ugly stumps as well. If there are large dead branches on an otherwise healthy tree, these can also be removed. For example, if a large dead branch is positioned over your parking area, you might consider removing it to avoid car damage in the event that the branch falls. Sometimes, removal of living trees or large living branches is called for. If a tree is growing too close to a power line, for example, large branches will probably need to be removed. If you are planning a garden, but a large oak branch is giving the spot too much shade, you can have that removed as well. Fallen trees and branches can also be cut and taken away by tree service workers.   For more information, contact local professionals like Pete & Ron’s Tree Service,...

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3 Things That a Roofing Service Can Do for Your Roof

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There are several different things that a roofing service can do to help you with your roof. They have professional roofing contractors that have an extensive knowledge of roofing and can use this knowledge to update, upgrade, repair, or even replace your entire roof. This article is going to discuss three services that such a company can provide for you.  Repair or Replace Almost Any Type of Roof  No matter what kind of roof you have, a roofing service is likely going to be able to take care of it for you. They can repair or replace both commercial and residential roofs that are made of anything from foam, to metal, classic shingles, tile, and more. Roofers’ extensive knowledge of different kinds of roofing allows them to not only see what areas of the roof need to redone but also know what type of roofing may be best to replace your current roofing materials if they don’t seem to be functioning properly for you. This can allow you to save money on roofing repairs in the long run and can also help you to find certain problems with your roof before they become bigger and more costly. Add Solar Roofing  If you are interested in saving energy and cutting costs on your electric and gas bills, then you should consider having a roofing service install some solar roofing for you. When you have solar roofing installed, you are going to be able to create a usable form of energy for your home. A roofing contractor is going to be able to special order the solar roofing to fit your roof, whether it be flat, slanted, or shaped some other way. While the cost of solar roofing is going to cost more than regular roofing, the money that you are able to save on energy is going to quickly add up for you, thus allowing the roof to pay for itself.   Offer Inspection Services  If you need a roof inspected because there is a property that you want to purchase, a property that you are trying to sell, or a property of some other type, then this service is going to be provided to you by a roofing service. The company will send out a specialized roofing inspector that is going to be able to give you a full and detailed inspection of your roof. This inspection is going to cover anything and everything that could potentially be wrong with your roof, thus allowing you to either feel confident that it is up to code or to make the changes necessary to get it there.  Call a company like Economy Roofing to get...

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Tips To Prevent Traffic Wear On Carpets

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Carpet is an investment, so it makes sense that you want to keep it looking good for as long as possible. Unfortunately, most carpet is prone to traffic wear. These are the compressed, dark colored lanes that appear where people tend to walk most. These areas can look shabby while the rest of the carpet still looks like new, so it makes sense to try and minimize traffic wear. The following tips can help. Tip #1: Invest in a quality pad Much of the visible wear is due to compression, and the easiest way to minimize carpet compression is to invest in a quality carpet pad. The thicker and denser the pad, the less it will show compression. Thin, cheap pads tend to get pressed down relatively quickly. So, invest in a quality pad and expect your carpet to last longer as a result. Tip #2: Keep hard surfaces clean The most obvious traffic areas are at the transition zones at doorways, where one walks from a hard surface, such as tile, onto the carpet. The dirt from the tile is tracked onto the carpet, where it works into the fibers and darkens them. Daily sweeping of hard surfaces can help minimize this issue. For exterior transition zones, have a rule that the shoes come off before someone can walk on the carpet. Tip #3: Change the traffic flow Sometimes it’s possible to minimize overall wear patterns by changing up the room’s arrangement. Move furniture periodically so that the traffic patterns also change. This can help even out the wear on the carpet so there are no obvious compression patterns. This won’t work for every room, but it can be a major help in areas where the furniture can be rearranged. Tip #4: Vacuum regularly One way to help prevent dark lanes is to keep the dirt from working too deeply into the carpet fibers. Vacuuming over the main traffic lanes every day or two, along with a weekly deep vacuuming, can work wonders. Even a quick sweep with a non-electric carpet sweeper can remove the worst of the soil before it gets too deeply into the carpet. Tip #5: Schedule regular cleanings Finally, don’t overlook the power of a professional carpet cleaning. Unlike home carpet shampooers, the industrial-style machines can pull more dirt out of the carpet. The extraction process also helps bring loft back to the pad and carpet fibers, which helps prevent compression. Plan to have cleanings at least twice a year – to remove the mud of winter and again to remove the dirt tracked in over summer. For more help, talk to a carpet care professional in your area like the ones at Conscientious Carpet Care....

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2 Things That Will Help You Choose The Right Air Conditioner

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If you are looking at buying a new air conditioner for your house, you may be confused as to what size air conditioner you should get for your house. There are a lot of choices out there and they can be really overwhelming. So how can you decide how big an AC you need and what should you keep in mind while you are looking for the best air conditioner to get? Size Matters When you are choosing what air conditioner you want to get, keep in mind that size matters. You may want to go with as big an air conditioner as you can so that your house will really get cold. However, you really don’t want to do that. If you get the largest air conditioner you can, the air conditioner won’t go through its full cycle, it will just quickly turn on, cool your house down, and then turn off really fast. The problem with that is that the heat from the summer is going to sneak back into your house and you are going to end up having to turn it on again. That will cost you more money. If you get an air conditioner that’s too small, it will run continuously and have a hard time keeping up with your cooling needs. That will also cost you more money than you may want to pay. So you really need to make sure that you get just the right size.  Square Footage You need to figure out the square footage of your house in order to get the right size air conditioner. That’s because that’s how the AC is rated. A certain amount of BTUs will cool a certain square footage. And in central air conditioners, BTUs are rated as tons. A ton equals 12,000 BTUs. In order to find the square footage of your house, you can just measure how long your house is by how wide your house is and then multiply those numbers. Then you can use an equation to figure out the right size air conditioner for your house. For example, if you have a 1,500 square foot house, then you are going to want to plug that into this equation: 1,500 X 25 = 37,500 37,500 / 12,000 = 3.1 3.1 – 0.5 = 2.6   So you’d need a 2.5 or a 3-ton sized central air conditioning unit. Finding the right size air conditioning unit will make sure that your house stays at the optimal temperature and will mean that you aren’t spending more money than you...

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A Guide To Popular Examples Of Commercial Fences

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Although you are likely to be aware of the important safety features that your business will have as the result of a commercial fence, you may not know that its presence can also create a clearly defined line as to where your property stops and starts. Without that, it is possible that prosecuting trespassers or other unwanted persons from the area could be particularly challenging. It could also be possible that your liability for injuries on your property could also become an issue when there is not an obvious and defined perimeter to your property. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the following options when you are determining the most appropriate way to fence in your commercial lot. #1-The Chain Link Fence The chain link fence is a good choice if you would prefer to minimize the upkeep of your new fence and are on a budget. It is easily identifiable due to the unique diamond shapes that appear in the fencing as the result of the wires forming a zig-zag shape. It can last for many years without corroding if you choose galvanized steel for the chain link. It is important to note that over the years, one common worry about the use of chain link is the lack of privacy that it provides. If that is a concern that you share, you should speak with your fencing contractor about the use of slats within the mesh. Another step you can take to make the fenced area less visible to passers by and neighbors is using a woven polypropylene screen over the chain link fence.    #2-Barbed Wire   Barbed wire fences have been in use for many years and are especially common on farms and ranches, as it is often one of the more affordable types of fencing. It is made of sharp wires that protrude at the top and bottom of the fence and therefore serves as a great deterrent for anyone who would like to enter your area without your approval. Although there are a few exceptions, the barbed wire typically attaches to metal fencing to provide the necessary support.  However, some areas have enacted laws to limit or forbid the use of barbed wire, largely due to the risk of injuries. As a result, you should verify with your commercial fencing contractor whether you will be allowed to have a barbed wire fence. If you are not permitted to use a barbed wire fence for your commercial property, a viable alternative may be razor wire,as  mentioned below. #3-Razor Wire Razor wire is remarkably similar to barbed wire, with a few minor differences you need to be aware of.  Specifically, the top of a razor wire fence does not protrude as the barbed wire will. Instead, it presents with large circles of sharp wires at the top that are capable of inflicting significant damage to anyone hoping to access the area. It is commonly seen in jails, prisons and other areas where security is essential. It attaches to fence posts that must be secured tightly to the ground in order to maximize its benefits and to minimize future upkeep of the fence.         In conclusion, commercial fencing allows you to protect and secure the area you use for business from any and all unauthorized persons....

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Got A Furnace? 4 Tips To Lower Your Energy Bills

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As the temperatures dip down the electrical bill goes up, and it can cost you a lot of money each month. If you heat your home with a furnace, there are some simple changes and maintenance tips to keep your bill down. You should also fix any air leaks that may be in your home. Keep reading for more information about this. Move the Thermostat If your thermostat is in your kitchen or any other large room in your home, you can relocate it to save money.  How often the thermostat turns on and off is determined by the room the thermostat is located in. Because a large area takes much longer to heat, the thermostat likely stays on longer. Instead, move it to a smaller room that stays warmer, such as a bedroom. You can also purchase portable thermostats to make it easy for you to move it to any room in your home. Reduce the Temperature Consider reducing the temperature of your thermostat during the winter months. If the temperature is lower, it doesn’t take the furnace as long to heat up to the lower temperature. Even if you lower it only at night it would help. For example, if you currently keep the temperature at 72 degrees, lower it to around 65 degrees. A person sleeps better when a room is between 60 and 67 degrees. You could keep the temperature lower when you are at work all day. Purchase a programmable thermostat to make things easier for you. You can set it to automatically come on at a certain temperature and then to change the temperature at a certain time each day. Fix Air Leaks Any kind of leak into your home can cause you to lose warm air, which makes your furnace run longer. Check the door frames for all exterior doors to make sure the weatherstripping is in good shape and change it, if needed. If you have a chimney, you should check this also for any leaks. Make sure the sealant around all windows is intact and replace any sealant that is damaged or missing. If you have visible leaks around windows, you can use caulking to seal them. Maintain Furnace You should hire a professional to maintain your furnace each year before winter. They will ensure that everything is working so the furnace does not have to work overtime to heat your home. The contractor can check all the wiring and parts, as well as clean the furnace for you. The contractor will check the flue pipe to ensure there is no leaks in it. They will likely replace the oil filter and the air filter on the furnace also. If you have an old furnace, you should consider installing a new one, as newer furnaces are more energy efficient. For more information, contact local professionals like Meyer’s Companies...

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3 Reasons To Hire An Insulation Contractor

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An insulation contractor is one of the best resources at your disposal when it comes to improving your home, mostly because improving your home’s insulation can provide quite a few benefits. Listed below are three reasons to hire an insulation contractor. Make Your Home More Comfortable One of the biggest reasons to hire an insulation contractor is that he or she can provide sufficient insulation to make your home more comfortable. The main way that he or she will accomplish this is by making it much easier to keep your home at your desired temperature by installing insulating materials or panels that will help keep the cold air out of the house throughout the winter and keep the house from heating up too quickly in the summer.  However, improving your home’s insulation can also make your home more comfortable for you by making it quieter and more peaceful. This is because the insulation in your walls will be able to mitigate noise, which means that you can stop quite a bit of exterior noise from getting into your house. This is a great option if you live near a busy road or intersection. Keep Out Pests Another reason to make sure that you hire an insulation contractor is because decent insulation is a good way to keep pests out of your home. Whenever there is a gap in your home’s insulation, there is also an opening that insects and other pests can use to get into your home and create an infestation. In that situation, you could end up with issues ranging from damage to the house to more frequent allergic reactions or illnesses due to the pests.  Save Yourself Quite A Bit Of Money Finally, hiring an insulation contractor can help you out by allowing you to save quite a bit of money on your utility bills. The reason for this is that the hot air produced by your heater will linger in your home longer because the insulation will keep the cold air out and prevent the heated air from gradually leaking out of your house as quickly. This also applies in the summer because the insulation will also keep the house cooler by keeping out the hot air and sealing in the cooled air for longer. As a result, your heater and air conditioner will not need to be turned on as frequently, which will result in much lower utility bills. Contact an insulation contractor to schedule an inspection of your current insulation and to discuss how improving your insulation can benefit you. Having sufficient insulation throughout your home is a great way to make your home more comfortable, keep pests out, and save yourself a bit of money. For more information, contact local professionals like Mincin Insulation Service...

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3 Considerations When Choosing A Roofing Material For A Saltbox Colonial Home

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The Saltbox Colonial refers to the roof style on a few different traditional and revival style Colonial homes. The homes unite in having geometric floor plans with symmetrical windows and little by way of ornamentation. The defining saltbox roof has a shorter, low-sloped front part that rises to a peak then falls to a steep, long rear part on the back of the house. If you have a Saltbox Colonial that needs a new roof, there are a few style-specific considerations to keep in mind when choosing a material with your roofing contractors. Saltbox Roof has Minimal Bracing The saltbox roof’s design is unusually asymmetric for an architectural style normally defined by its symmetry. But the asymmetry here is purposeful, as it provides the maximum amount of living space on the upper levels of the Saltbox Colonial home. In keeping with that space providing, the roof has minimal bracing as a number of supports would take up most of that room. Low bracing means you need to stick with a roofing material that isn’t physically heavy. Slate tile roofing is one of the heavier roofing materials and shouldn’t be used on a Saltbox Colonial. Wood roofing is mid-weight but safe for the saltbox roof and can even add some attractive texture. Asphalt shingles have one of the lightest weights of roofing materials and can absolutely work on a saltbox roof—with one caveat. Rear Steep Roof Could Become Wind Magnet The light physical weight of the asphalt shingles can turn into a blessing and a curse on a saltbox roof if your home doesn’t have any windbreaks behind the house. Windbreaks such as nearby neighbors or tall trees would help break up winds that would come directly at the rear roof. The rear roof’s steep slope would guide that wind straight up and under the roofing material and potentially rip off some asphalt shingles in the process. Potential wind damage is just that—a possibility. If you have natural windbreaks, the possibility is lessened. But even without windbreaks, you might never have wind damage. You simply need to remain aware of the risk that wind can pose to the asphalt shingles. Otherwise, asphalt is generally very durable and comes with such a low price tag that you might consider the potential wind damage repairs worth the risk. The asphalt shingles can also come in a variety of colors and textures to mimic slate or wood shingles with a far lower...

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3 Types Of Storage Sheds To Consider And Their Benefits

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One of the most useful additions that you can make to your property is a storage shed, but choosing the right shed for you can often be a bit tricky as there are a large number of different shed types that each offer different benefits and downsides. Listed below are three types of storage sheds to consider and their benefits to help you make your decision.  Wood Wood is one of the most common choices when it comes to building a storage shed, usually because it can provide you with a very aesthetically-pleasing design choice for your shed. However, building your shed out of wood can also provide other benefits, such as creating a more pleasant interior for you if you are planning on working inside the shed. This is because the wood is a great insulator, which means that the interior of your shed will be at a much more comfortable temperature all year than if the shed were made out of other materials. The only real downside to a wooden shed is that you will have to periodically weather treat the shed to keep the wood from rotting due to rain or snow. Metal A metal shed is one of the best choices on the market if you want a shed that is extremely durable. A metal shed will often be reinforced to stand up to powerful winds and is not going to warp or degrade when it is exposed to hot temperatures. This makes a metal shed a great choice for just about any climate. In addition, a metal shed doesn’t really require a lot of maintenance. Most of the time, you only need to worry about maintenance if you notice a scratch or dent in the metal because those issues can lead to an opening in the paint or sealant that was applied to the metal to keep moisture from causing the shed to rust. If you do notice a scratch or dent, it is important to reseal the scratched or dented area to prevent rust from developing or spreading. Plastic Finally, a plastic shed is often a great choice if you want to be able to quickly and easily assemble the shed yourself. This is made possible because more plastic sheds will only really require that you use a screwdriver for most of the process, you will not need to worry about sawing or nailing anything. This is because the plastic panels will already be shaped to the required dimensions and ready to be screwed or snapped together. Another benefit to this option is that you do not have to worry about rust, rotting, or pests as those issues will not affect the plastic. However, if you do decide to buy a plastic shed, consider one that incorporates metal to reinforce it as a basic plastic shed is easy to break into due to the fact that a thief can break or bend plastic panels to get in.  Contact a contractor today in order to discuss which type of shed would be the best fit for your home, needs, and budget. Wood, metal, and plastic storage sheds are all great options that can benefit you in a variety of ways. Contact a company like Built Rite Express LLC for more...

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Windowsills Looking Water-Logged? Step-by-Step Instructions for Repairing the Damage

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When it comes to your windows, there’s one area that’s often overlooked. That area is the windowsill. That’s also an area that shouldn’t be overlooked. The windowsill is actually designed to prevent water from seeping into your home. If you’re wondering how, it’s simple. Windowsills are installed at a downward slant away from the window. This allows water to roll off the sills instead of seeping through the edges of the windows. Unfortunately, windowsills aren’t waterproof, which means that over time they can become water damaged. When that happens, you may notice the paint starting to bubble or the wood starting to warp. Luckily, if you catch the problem quickly enough, you won’t have to replace your windowsills. Here are some step-by-step instructions for repairing your water-damaged windowsills. Find the Rot If you’re not sure exactly where the rot is located at, you don’t want to just replace the entire windowsill. Instead, use an ice pick to locate the rotten areas. Take the pointed end of the ice pick and press down on various areas of the windowsill. Use a marker or pencil to mark the areas where the ice pick penetrates the wood. Those are the areas that have water-related rot. Remove the Damaged Wood Once you’ve marked all of the areas that will require repair, you’ll want to remove the rotten wood. For this portion of the project, you’ll need a wood chisel. Placing the sharp end of the chisel on the wood, apply pressure and carefully remove the damaged wood. Be careful to only remove the wood that’s been softened by water damage. You’ll know you’ve gone deep enough when the chisel doesn’t cut easily through the wood. Repair the Area As soon as you’ve removed all of the rotten wood, you’ll be ready to repair the damaged areas. You’ll need a container of wood filler and a putty knife. You can get both items at your local home-improvement store. Fill the damaged area with wood filler and smooth it down with your putty knife. Be sure to get the wood filler into all the corners. Repeat the process on all of the damaged areas. Allow the wood filler to dry completely and then sand it to a smooth finish. Seal the Wood Once the wood filler has been sanded, you’ll need to seal the wood. Sealing the wood will prevent further damage. Sand the entire windowsill to a smooth surface and then apply a coat of primer. This will seal the wood and ensure that the fresh coat of paint adheres to the surface. After the primer dries, apply a fresh coat of paint and allow it to dry. If your windowsills are showing signs of water damage, you’ll need to act fast to repair them. Use the instructions provided here to keep your windowsills in tip-top...

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